Become a Sugoi Partner

Sugoi Partner

Are you ready to make some serious money promoting our best sellers?

If you are passionate about anime, love our products and want to make extra cash every month we invite you to become a Sugoi Partner.

As a Sugoi Partner, you will earn juicy commisions and anime goodies by promoting your favourite products among your friends, family and followers.

Everyone can do it and is dead easy. Here is how it works:

1. You become a Sugoi Partner and receive your unique code for commissions.

2. You Invite your friends, family and followers to buy our awesome products using your code. They will receive a special discount when they do and you will earn from 10% to 25% commision on each sale!

3. Cash out your earnings every month using Paypal or any similar platform.

It is that simple!

The most distinguished partners will win awesome gifts every month and will unlock new levels of commissions. More money in your pockets!

There are 4 partnership ranks:

Super Saiyan: The basic rank. You will earn 10% commission on every sale.

  Super Saiyan 2: The medium rank is attained once you achieve 10 sales. You earn 15% on every sale. You also qualify for VIP rewards and prizes from our store.

 Super Saiyan 3: The advanced rank is attained once you achieve 25 sales. You earn 20% on every sale. You also receive a special reward from our store every month, as long as you sell at least one product.

 Super Saiyan Blue: The highest rank is attained once you achieve 50 sales. You earn 25% on every saleYou also receive a special reward from our store every month, as long as you sell at least one product.

Sounds great, I want to become a Sugoi Partner!

Awesome, we are delighted to receive you as a new valuable partner. We are sure you will be Super Saiyan Blue in no time!

All you have to do is fill the form below or send us a message through any of our social media accounts. We will send you your unique commission code and some helpful tricks to help you achieve your first sales with minimum effort.

Some important information.

  • Your commission per sale will be available 14 calendar days after the date the item is delivered, provided that the buyer does not request a refund.
  • You will receive your earnings the first week of each month. For example, your December earnings will be paid the first week of January.
  • The monthly VIP rewards and prizes will be given to all partners from rank Super Saiyan 3 and higher, provided that they sell at least one product over the last month. Super Saiyan 2 members that sell over US$100.00 (one hundred dollars) in any given month will also receive special rewards and gifts in addition to their commission. 

Fill the form below to become a Sugoi Partner